Conquest of the Necropolis

Treacherous Terrain
Session Two

The characters emerge from the Barrow of Reighlan after having defeated, then finishing him by following the ancient ritual. They finished looting the barrow, then left it. They were betrayed by the elf who they left on the bush, who had reagained consciousness and was forced to set up a trap for the PCs with some scouts sent from the Raiders. They suspected something and knocked the elf unconscious. They delt with the scouts rather easily then headed away from the barrow, where they set up a shelter and rested. They were attacked twice, once easily vanquishing more scouts, the second time dealing with a troublesome bunch of skeletons, but dealing with them by using the powers of light, dawn, and epic, holy, over-powered swords.

Burnings and the Barrow
Session One

The characters begin by wandering off into the wilderness, Liadodel and Aumior looking for toadstools, and Quintus just wandering. They eventually met up, finding a burnt elf in a clearing, then ran to the nearest town for help. It was being burnt to the ground. They fled, taking the man with them, running into the woods until they encountered a barrow, which contained magic mysteries and dread guards. They managed to creatively defeat them, and proceeded to gain treasure. They had not cleared the barrow by the time that the session ended.

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